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House Manager/ Counselor


Veritas- Manhattan, NY

Ed Thompson Veterans Program- Queens, NY

Reports To:

Assistant Director of Operations

Major Functions:

The House Manager monitors the therapeutic environment and specific program systems to ensure security, safety and efficiency of daily client services and activities. Responsibilities include monitoring and supporting all client scheduled treatment services or activities ensuring that all are delivered as scheduled. In addition ensures that all clients’ external appointments are kept. Ensures efficient program activities’ coordination by working closely with the Assistant Directors for Operations and Clinical and where applicable, the Program Director.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises and monitors the therapeutic environment to ensure that behavioral guidelines are followed, a therapeutic milieu is maintained and interpersonal relationships remain positive.
  • Manages the daily program schedule of activities. Ensures that events occur and all parties scheduled to participate in particular activities do so.
  • Supervises and monitors the facility to ensure cleanliness, security, and safety practices are enacted. Conducts mandated fire drills/evacuations.
  • When indicated as per program standards/policy, administers breathalyzer tests and/or observation of urine specimen collection from clients returning from appointments or other external activities.
  • Assumes responsibility for medication management including the checking-in of medication and direct observation of clients during medication pass for adherence to their prescribed medication regime.
  • Conducts facility/safety runs and room checks to visually assess clients for the use of alcohol/drugs or the environment of care for unsafe conditions.
  • Reviews internal and external scheduled client appointments for assigned shift and ensures that trips are dispatched promptly.
  • Dispatches vehicles, assuring that required agency paperwork is complete and accurate.
  • Distributes carfare for external appointments.
  • Reviews selection of appointment escorts for appropriateness.
  • Complies with 42 CFR confidentiality and HIPAA privacy and security regulations.
  • In the absence of the Food Service Staff monitors the Kitchen and food preparations to insure compliance with Board of Health.
  • When required, conducts building Fire Drills.
  • Performs other duties as required.


  • High School diploma or GED and two years experience in a residential human services agency. Work experience in an agency delivering social services or a program for treating substance abusing and/or homeless individuals is preferred.
  • Within 90 days of hire achieves FDNY certification as one of the following: (1) Fire Drill Conductor, (2) Fire Guard or (3) Fire Safety Coordinator.
  • Ability to participate in CPR and First Aid training.
  • Basic keyboard/computer skills a must.


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