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Program Director- Ellenville


Cape Road, Ellenville, NY

Women's Vet's Program, Ellenville, NY

Reports To:

Assistant Vice-President

Major Functions:

The Program Director is responsible for the overall clinical management and administrative operations of his/her assigned program(s). He or she is responsible for managing and monitoring and documenting the job performance of all program employees. This position assures the quality of clinical services provided to persons served. The Program Director facilitates communication between program employees and agency administration.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises and monitors the therapeutic environment to ensure that behavioral guidelines are followed, a therapeutic milieu is maintained and interpersonal relationships remain positive.

  • Monitors the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the program’s clinical services and the safety of the environment of care.

  • Manages program services, improves existing services and develops new treatment components to meet the needs of persons served.

  • Helps develop, implement, deploy and ensure adherence to agency policy and procedures.

  • Provides clinical and administrative supervision to program staff and provides administrative supervision for plant operations; ensures a safe and secure environment of care.

  • Provides administrative supervision for plant operations; ensures a safe and secure environment of care.

  • Ensures clinical staff maintains accurate, complete and timely records that comply with regulatory standards and agency internal policy and procedure.

  • Makes necessary administrative preparation in order to be audit-ready at all times.

  • Monitors and maintains agency and funding source outcomes.

  • Ensures that all program staff uphold the agency's Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics and comply with all Federal, state and local law/regulation, including 42 CFR confidentiality and HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

  • Interfaces with other department and clinical program directors to meet the agency’s goals and objectives.

  • In partnership with the Training Department, develops and conducts in-service training to maintain and improve staff competencies, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices.

  • Adheres to all responsibilities and duties of a New York State mandated reporter.

  • Participates in internal management/quality improvement committees.

  • Represents Samaritan Daytop Village at community and public forums.

  • Performs other duties as requested.


  1. Knowledgeable about Federal, state and local law and regulation governing substance abuse treatment programs.
  2. Strong leadership; effective management, organizational, writing and communication skills.
  3. Ability to implement and monitor and promote policy and procedure in accordance with agency guidelines.

Job Requirements:

  1. A graduate degree in a clinical discipline and 2 years clinical experience in a substance abuse treatment program, one of which was in a supervisory capacity.

  2. An appropriate qualified healthcare credential (e.g. LMSW, CASAC).

  3. Must be Microsoft proficient



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