How to Help

Your support of Samaritan Daytop Foundation translates into enhanced programs and services that make a deep and meaningful impact on the clients who walk through Samaritan Daytop Village's doors. 

Veterans receiving treatment for both substance use and post-traumatic stress disorders can make an emotionally cathartic trip to visit the war memorials in Washington, D.C.

Program administrators replace old or broken furniture, renovate frequently used rooms or transform outdoor and social spaces where individuals can read, play games and more.

Family transitional residences can build a children's playroom or outdoor playground.

Families can reconnect with their loved ones who are working to resolve their issues with PTSD, addiction or homelessness.

Your gift of any size will be life-changing, and its impact will grow dramatically as our clients return to their families and communities as productive adn contributing members.

You may make a tax-deductable donation by mail or online. (Please note: Samaritan Daytop Foundation does not solicit door to door or over the phone.)