Shelter Openings Planned for 2021

New Shelters

According to a recent NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) census, there are nearly 50,000 adults and children in shelters. More than half of these individuals (55.7%) are part of families. Historically, this number rises dramatically in June at the end of the school year.

Samaritan Daytop Village plays a vital role in New York City’s goal to “Turn the Tide of Homelessness.” Over the past decade, we have grown our permanent and transitional portfolio from one men’s shelter to 15 shelters and family transitional residences.

As we enter a new decade, Samaritan Daytop Village continues to transform and grow its housing portfolio. We are filling a critical void for vulnerable New Yorkers during an economic slowdown that began with the pandemic and the housing crisis that preceded it.

This year, the agency plans to open three new shelters and assume operations of two existing facilities:

  • Belt Park Family Transitional Residence
    Samaritan Daytop Village plans to take over operations of the 161-unit family shelter, located in Jamaica, Queens.

  • Phelan Place Men’s Shelter
    As of April, Samaritan Daytop Village assumed operations of this 144-bed program.

  • Queens Homeless Shelter for Senior Women
    Serving women over the age of 50, this 75-bed shelter will be in Douglaston, Queens.

  • Sunset Park Men's Shelter
    The 92-bed men’s shelter will open in Brooklyn.

  • Staten Island Men’s Shelter
    Samaritan Daytop Village will operate a new 100-bed homeless shelter for men in Staten Island.

About Our Homeless Shelters

Our single-adult homeless shelters provide more than just a roof over one’s head. Shelters bring vital support to help men and women get back on their feet again. A wide range of services from job training to mental health treatment are provided based on the individual’s needs.

About Our Transitional Residences

Our transitional residences provide temporary housing for individuals or families. Supportive offerings at these locations respond to the emotional, financial and social needs of each client – from newborns and parents to single adults. On-site case management, after-school care, parenting programs, and job search assistance are among the resources available to vulnerable families living at family transitional residences.

To learn more about our housing programs, visit our website or contact our Transitional Housing Department.

If you would like to donate critically needed supplies for the staff and clients in our shelters and transitional facilities, donate online or contact Samaritan Daytop Foundation.