Samaritan Daytop Foundation Launches $1 Million Fundraising Challenge

(October 9, 2018 - New York, NY) A new fundraising effort launched by Samaritan Daytop Foundation empowers donors to double their impact as part of a $1 Million Matching Challenge, thanks to the generosity of the Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation. Eric Hadar, a board member of Samaritan Daytop Foundation, serves as Chairman and CEO of Allied Partners, a real estate investment, development and property management firm headquartered in New York.

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Monies donated to Samaritan Daytop Foundation will be matched – dollar for dollar – by Mr. Hadar’s Family Foundation, up to $500,000.

All donations to the $1 Million Matching Challenge will have an immediate impact on the 33,000 New Yorkers served each year by Samaritan Daytop Village. As one of New York’s largest health and human services non-profits, Samaritan Daytop Village provides a range of life-saving services for people battling addiction and mental health issues; innovative services for veterans; programs for homeless individuals and families; initiatives for women with children; and a center for seniors. The $1 Million Matching Challenge is being launched in connection with Samaritan Daytop Foundation’s Where Good Lives™ Gala taking place on October 10, 2018.

Mr. Hadar said, “There has never been a more critical moment to support the work of Samaritan Daytop Village, which is saving the lives of thousands of New Yorkers through its innovative and compassionate programs. I could not be prouder to stand with this extraordinary organization as we address some of the most challenging problems facing New York City today."

Founded in 2015 by Mr. Hadar, the Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation is dedicated to funding institutions at the forefront of research in the field of substance abuse treatment and prevention, as well as funding organizations committed to supporting individuals in recovery and their families through job training, housing and ongoing support services.

Colleen Taylor, Chair of the Samaritan Daytop Foundation Board, said, “We are grateful to Eric Hadar for his generosity and for his extraordinary service to the board of Samaritan Daytop Foundation. We are ready to meet his million-dollar challenge and hope that others will join him, and us, in making a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in need.”

Mr. Hadar has donated more than $680,000 to Samaritan Daytop Foundation since 2015. His donations through the Matching Challenge will increase his total giving to the organization to more than $1 million. Mr. Hadar began donating to the nonprofit following the successful merger of Samaritan Village and Daytop Village at the end of 2014.

Mitchell Netburn, President & CEO of Samaritan Daytop Village, said, “Eric’s extraordinary philanthropy is rooted in his keen understanding and compassion for people who struggle with substance use disorder, homelessness and mental health issues. Thanks to his generosity, Samaritan Daytop Village is ever stronger as we work to advance our mission, including fighting substance use disorder with treatment and recovery.”

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About Samaritan Daytop Village: For more than 50 years, Samaritan Daytop Village has been improving the quality of life for New Yorkers facing adversity. We are nationally-recognized for our work in treatment for substance use disorder, specialized services for veterans, and services for homeless individuals and families. Our continuum of services includes health care, mental health care, addiction treatment, recovery services, transitional and permanent housing assistance, and services for seniors. Annually, Samaritan Village serves over 33,000 people at more than 50 facilities throughout New York City, Long Island and upstate New York.

Samaritan Daytop Foundation raises funds needed to further the lifesaving and life-changing work of Samaritan Daytop Village.